Potential US Sen Chris McDaniel wants to withdraw the US from the United Nations!!!


Potential US Sen Chris McDaniel wants to withdraw the US from the United Nations!!!

Every Patriot needs to share the word!


It was a Town Hall meeting style gathering where Chris came to speak.
The size of the crowds he is getting keeps growing and growing as he gains more popularity.


This meeting was focused on the Affordable Health Care Act and real solution we can implement.

This article is actually about his comments on the UN and the CFR.

He is known in the MS Senate for stopping the UN’s Agenda 21 Eminent Domain push, which was a major victory for the agricultural state of MS.

I was going to ask the question about the CFR myself, but there were too many people there to get my question in.  Better yet, someone asked the same question and added the UN into the question.

The was asked “How do you feel about the UN or Council of Foreign Relations?”
He looks right at the camera and says:

“Who asked that?  Is somebody in here watching me?”

Watch the video too see the full response.



“I don’t like either one of them.  We already provide a misproportionate share of the UN’s budget…It seems to me that the UN has been used primarily to circumvent a superb American interest… I am not a fan of the UN, never have been a fan of the UN.  It is probably best we find an exit strategy to the UN. 


“Its funny,  an agency like that makes North Korea and Iran part of human rights council, you have to suspect their intentions…Thad Cochran has voted to increase our share of the UN budget.  I won’t vote to increase our share, I will vote to cut it.  I promise that.”


Listening to this was like watching a YouTube video of a performance on the voice…..Awesome, in the sense it could send chills down the spine of a Patriot of eagerness to help him in that journey.  We need to make sure our candidates DO NOT have ties to either one of these agencies, as both seek to dominate US Geo Political Politics.

It is getting close to election time and Chris is not done with his speeches (like a real statesman). It’s time to rally behind him and spread the word.


Constitutional Clayton – Peace