Las Vegas Weekly Calls Mississippians “Hatemongers” Based On Un-Researched Lies



They covered the Religious Freedom Acts passage because of the MGM and Caesars Entertainment own Casinos in Mississippi.

After talking about the Arizona “turn away the gays” bill, they directed their attention toward MS to compare the Religious Freedom Bill Act to the legislation there saying:


a nearly identical measure flew through the legislature in Mississippi and was happily signed by Gov. Phil Bryant on April 3. In a state where gay people still have virtually no protections anyway, SB2681 makes it super-double-with-a-cherry-on-top okay to tell a gay couple to f*ck off.



They continue to throw around derogatory comments about Mississippians by saying:

Mississippi is not Arizona. There are precious few massive national companies with significant presences there. Lawmakers in Jackson don’t live in fear of being humiliated as bigots on cable news; theirs is a shameless, almost quaint, homophobia.


It has already been established that the bill has nothing to do with gay people and private business, but those on the left continue to push their version of hate on others and accuse them of the same.   There is no language in the bill that says that and I encourage the you to read the bill and all the definitions for yourself here.

They could not understand why those Casinos that have stood up for LGBT rights in the past did not speak up.
That would be because it doesn’t do any of the things these people have fabricated it do.

Where were they, then, when Mississippi was pulling a move that Arizona got scathed for only a month earlier? Silent. And where were they when I reached out repeatedly to find out why they didn’t do anything to oppose the Mississippi law? Silent yet again.

 It is their obligation there for the same reason it was their obligation in Nevada, because they are the biggest fish with the most economic clout, and that’s the only thing that persuades hatemongers not to legislate their hate.


You can read the whole article here if you would like, but it just goes to show how some people are willing to jump on a complete lie in order to bring “sensationalism” to Journalism.

Constitutional Clayton – Peace




The Religious Freedom Bill has nothing to do with gay people


The left are yelling about nothing.  They claim that the bill allows a business owner to discriminate against gay people.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  


The language of the bill that pertains to “discrimination” reads:


It clearly states the State cannot discriminate against you for your religion.  It cannot deny you any public service because of your religion. 

It only pertains to public funds and not private businesses. Sec I (d)

So why are they mad?  All the main stream media bigotry continues.


Sec I defines the language for this statement in the bill:

(a) “Burden” means any action that directly or
14 indirectly constrains, inhibits, curtails or denies the exercise
15 of religion by any person or compels any action contrary to a
16 person’s exercise of religion. “Burden” includes, but is not
17 limited to, withholding benefits, assessing criminal, civil or
18 administrative penalties or exclusion from governmental programs
19 or access to governmental facilities.

) “Compelling governmental interest” means a
21 government interest of the highest magnitude that cannot otherwise
22 be achieved without burdening the exercise of religion.
23 (c) “Exercise of religion” means the practice or
24 observance of religion. “Exercise of religion” includes, but is
25 not limited to, the ability to act or the refusal to act in a
26 manner that is substantially motivated by one’s sincerely held
27 religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compulsory or
28 central to a larger system of religious belief.
29 (d) “State action” means the implementation or
30 application of any law, including, but not limited to, state and
31 local laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and policies, whether
32 statutory or otherwise, or any other action by the state, a
33 political subdivision of the state, an instrumentality of the
34 state or political subdivision of the state, or a public official
35 that is authorized by law in the state.
36 (3) (a) State action or an action by any person based on
37 state action shall not burden a person’s right to exercise of
38 religion, even if the burden results from a rule of general
39 applicability, unless it is demonstrated that applying the burden
40 to that person’s exercise of religion in that particular instance
41 is both of the following:
42 (i) Essential to further a compelling governmental
43 interest; S. B. No. 2681 *SS26/R476PS* ~ OFFICIAL ~

44 (ii) The least restrictive means of furthering
45 that compelling governmental interest.
46 (b) A person whose exercise of religion has been
47 burdened or is likely to be burdened in violation of this section
48 may assert that violation or impending violation as a claim or
49 defense in a judicial proceeding, regardless of whether the state
50 or a political subdivision of the state is a party to the
51 proceeding. The person asserting that claim or defense may obtain
52 appropriate relief, including relief against the state or a
53 political subdivision of the state. Appropriate relief includes,
54 but is not limited to, injunctive relief, declaratory relief,
55 compensatory damages, and the recovery of costs and reasonable
56 attorney’s fees.


While Mississippians were distracted by the Religious Freedom Bill, Gov Bryant attempts to circumvent their freedoms.


The Religious Freedom Bill is not the only thing on the agenda from Phil Bryant.  He called an emergency legislative session on Wednesday to talk about another issue, while the media is focused on the current bill he signed into law.

Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi is in the news for signing a new Religious Freedom Bill that says state and local governments cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices, a measure that sparked debate about possible discrimination against all kinds of people.

What it is actually for is to protect Christians from mandating they buy a certain type of contraceptive that kills the fetus inside the woman.  Opponents say that it could cause discrimination and economic damage because it resembles the one vetoed in Arizona recently, but supporters say that it does not resemble that bill at all.

This is a huge story, but to make this even more distracting is that Gov Bryant made a requested to include in that legislation to add “In God We Trust” to the State emblem.


So what was he doing while you are distracted with this bill?

In his special session he called, he stated wants to add more government to the 2015 Executive Budget Recommendation.  He wants to do this by adding more assistant district attorneys after he talked with the Mississippi Prosecutors Association.  No mention of adding more public defenders.


“Public prosecutors in Mississippi are understaffed, which causes backlogs and inefficiencies in the judicial process. These same prosecutors will be responsible for implementing many of the criminal justice reforms we have signed into law. We must provide additional assistant prosecutors,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “With this special session, lawmakers have the time to provide more prosecutors for the state and strengthen prosecution of felons and drug traffickers. Because the special session is concurrent with the regular session, no additional travel is required by lawmakers; I urge them to waive additional per diem reimbursements and save taxpayer dollars while they get this work done.”


The USA leads the world in incarceration rates according to several sources including Statista.  Mississippi is consistently in the top 3 top States in incarceration rate and we are currently #2 in incarceration rates, right behind Louisiana.

Does Gov Phil Bryant want to catch up to LA and become # in throwing people in cages for profit?
How can he claim to be Tea Party while doing this and endorsing Thad Cochran instead of Chris McDaniel for Senate?

Incarceration and prison labor has become a new form of slavery and we must fight against putting so many behind bars for victim-less crimes.

Although no proposals could be agreed upon before the session ended, you can bet he will continue to push the issue without much publicity.

We have to stop giving this guy slack.



I met MS Senator Chris McDaniel


Chris McDaniel held a meeting close to my home and I decided to go and meet with him.

I went to the meeting in a BBQ shack (I stepped in horse poo on the way in) with some really good food.

After meeting the people around me Chris came in and started to talk.
Most of us there had never met Chris before, so he went into a full on Constitution loving, stone cold patriotic, with no filter and gave an honest speech that animated everyone in room.

He took the time to answer questions from as many people as he could. You could tell the feeling in the air was that everyone is scared of what this government is doing and we are ready to fight back.

He described his foreign policy as mostly non-interventionist.
Someone asked him about if he was scared about the boats from Iran recently, he responded (paraphrased) I don’t particularly like Iran. With sarcasm he says, “Do you think I am scared of the Iran Navy?”

His poise and grammar level were of high intellect and he spoke like an open book.

The guy across from me stated that if we cannot win this election and we get more and more oppressed we would have do to what our founders did and have a Revolution. (Gotta love people who aren’t scared to say that)

I capitalized on his comment to state that our founders gave us a country where we can have a non violent revolution for the first time in history. Then I prefaced my question with thanking him for standing up against Imminent Domain here in MS.

I asked: Is there any group that on the federal level that is fighting Imminent Domain or Agenda 21 and he said that no one currently is.

After a few more concerned questions and patriotic hoorahs his manager came to his rescue so he can finally get some rest. We ended with a group prayer and event was complete.

He was still kind enough to stay and take pictures with everyone.

We can do this and we need his type of leadership.Image



Constitutional Clayton