Las Vegas Weekly Calls Mississippians “Hatemongers” Based On Un-Researched Lies



They covered the Religious Freedom Acts passage because of the MGM and Caesars Entertainment own Casinos in Mississippi.

After talking about the Arizona “turn away the gays” bill, they directed their attention toward MS to compare the Religious Freedom Bill Act to the legislation there saying:


a nearly identical measure flew through the legislature in Mississippi and was happily signed by Gov. Phil Bryant on April 3. In a state where gay people still have virtually no protections anyway, SB2681 makes it super-double-with-a-cherry-on-top okay to tell a gay couple to f*ck off.



They continue to throw around derogatory comments about Mississippians by saying:

Mississippi is not Arizona. There are precious few massive national companies with significant presences there. Lawmakers in Jackson don’t live in fear of being humiliated as bigots on cable news; theirs is a shameless, almost quaint, homophobia.


It has already been established that the bill has nothing to do with gay people and private business, but those on the left continue to push their version of hate on others and accuse them of the same.   There is no language in the bill that says that and I encourage the you to read the bill and all the definitions for yourself here.

They could not understand why those Casinos that have stood up for LGBT rights in the past did not speak up.
That would be because it doesn’t do any of the things these people have fabricated it do.

Where were they, then, when Mississippi was pulling a move that Arizona got scathed for only a month earlier? Silent. And where were they when I reached out repeatedly to find out why they didn’t do anything to oppose the Mississippi law? Silent yet again.

 It is their obligation there for the same reason it was their obligation in Nevada, because they are the biggest fish with the most economic clout, and that’s the only thing that persuades hatemongers not to legislate their hate.


You can read the whole article here if you would like, but it just goes to show how some people are willing to jump on a complete lie in order to bring “sensationalism” to Journalism.

Constitutional Clayton – Peace