The Bundy Ranch is being sold to a Harry Reid’s Son / Chinese owned company. Cronyism Exposed!!!


It is now being reported that all that force to get the Bundys off of their Ranch and remove / kill their cows is in a effort to secure the land for a private / Chinese owned company ENN Energy.  ENN has plans for Solar Farms in the area, which is a way to tax the sun.


We have seen an insane amount of government force resembling Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union building up at the Bundy ranch.
How can you justify federalizing land, then kicking people off via violence, then selling it for cheap to the Chinese Cronies?

According to Brietbart,
ENN scored big when Clark County commissioners unanimously voted to sell the Chinese company the public land for just $4.5 million, despite the fact that it was appraised at $38.6 million.   

Pictures of the insane amount of force being used for foreign interests AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

Image  Image  Image

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For more history on how this situation is playing out, please read my previous article about it.  The Bundy Ranch is under siege by federal goons. 

You can also check out Fabian Calvo’s video on the subject here:


Currently there is militia help on the way and some there already.  The County Commissioner THAT VOTED to sell the land said “Bundy Supporters Had Better Have Funeral Plans”   I wonder what he gets in return for selling out America literally.


This is exposing our criminal crony government for what it is.  They are getting desperate.  Let’s hope violence does not ensue and the Criminal Government stands down.