The 2014 Elections are more important than 2016



Imagine Ron Paul had won the presidency…. Do you realize that congress would be treating him the same way as they do Obama?
Ron would have a hard time getting anything done.

Imagine the the congress is controlled by the (R) club. 
The House and the Senate are a majority Republican which by the way happen to be led by Tea Party….. 

If the Tea Party has that much influence Obama couldn’t stop them.

So before you get too excited about the 2016 election remember that this year is FAR more important.


A thought on Jury Duty


Jury duty is the most powerful position an American citizen can have. 
Everyone I know that has been sees it as a chore and want to get out of it.
You don’t know what you are missing and you are surrendering a power that people in the past would kill for, while you take it for granted

I met MS Senator Chris McDaniel


Chris McDaniel held a meeting close to my home and I decided to go and meet with him.

I went to the meeting in a BBQ shack (I stepped in horse poo on the way in) with some really good food.

After meeting the people around me Chris came in and started to talk.
Most of us there had never met Chris before, so he went into a full on Constitution loving, stone cold patriotic, with no filter and gave an honest speech that animated everyone in room.

He took the time to answer questions from as many people as he could. You could tell the feeling in the air was that everyone is scared of what this government is doing and we are ready to fight back.

He described his foreign policy as mostly non-interventionist.
Someone asked him about if he was scared about the boats from Iran recently, he responded (paraphrased) I don’t particularly like Iran. With sarcasm he says, “Do you think I am scared of the Iran Navy?”

His poise and grammar level were of high intellect and he spoke like an open book.

The guy across from me stated that if we cannot win this election and we get more and more oppressed we would have do to what our founders did and have a Revolution. (Gotta love people who aren’t scared to say that)

I capitalized on his comment to state that our founders gave us a country where we can have a non violent revolution for the first time in history. Then I prefaced my question with thanking him for standing up against Imminent Domain here in MS.

I asked: Is there any group that on the federal level that is fighting Imminent Domain or Agenda 21 and he said that no one currently is.

After a few more concerned questions and patriotic hoorahs his manager came to his rescue so he can finally get some rest. We ended with a group prayer and event was complete.

He was still kind enough to stay and take pictures with everyone.

We can do this and we need his type of leadership.Image



Constitutional Clayton 


People in the Liberty movement are attacking the Constitution as a way of self destruction.

ImageOur liberties are defined by a piece of paper. That is how we get on the same level, or I could just start taking what ever I thought was liberty. So Liberty would be subjective without a Constitution.

Liberty without a definition means the liberty you have is the liberty you are able to maintain…… History has a grim picture fro people who did not come together under freedom.

True, the Magna Carta was just a piece of paper and it took over 200 years before people understood it and used it. 
When it became popular it helped freedom into mankind because governments were formed around a court system and private property thanks to the Magna Carta and a lot of governments around the world contribute their constitution to the Magna Carta, but no Constitution was as brazen and empowering as ours…. 

True, just as the Magna Carta was just a piece of paper, so is the Constitution. IT IS A TOOL AND IF YOU THINK A PIECE OF PAPER CAN SAVE IT CAN’T. A gun cannot save you either, but it is a tool that can save you. Likewise, if you use the Constitution, it will work just like the Magna Carta finally did.

The Constitution has never in history been more popular.

Constitutional Clayton