Danny Bedwell (Congressional Liberty Candidate) quote on the F.A.I.R. Pledge


After MS Senator and US Senate Candidate became the first to sign the F.A.I.R. Pledge, I wanted to get a more well rounded view on the issue from more than one perspective.

Here is what Congressional Candidate Danny Bedwell had to say about the F.A.I.R. Pledge and his opinion on immigration.




I will not sign the F.A.I.R pledge as it wont really accomplish anything, and it’s really just a political ploy to energize the base (the Republican base). It’s red meat for them, but will not amount to any significant changes in policy. 

Immigration should be as painless and as efficient as possible. People should be able to cross the border and become an American as quick as possible. I think if someone wants to come here and try to better their condition, we should not get in their way. 

One of the things were going to have to do, is stop the welfare from the State. If we do this, the immigrants that are just coming here to get on the dole, will stop coming here. Get rid of all of the Government perks for “being a citizen”, and then loosen out immigration laws. Once we stop the welfare (for everyone), the only immigrants coming here, will be the ones looking to make a better life for themselves and their families. I have no problem with immigrants coming here looking to better their condition, but I have serious problems with immigrants (and Americans)coming here to get on the public dole. 

As far as coming here “legally”……my ancestors came to this land in 1659. They came here against the wishes of the ruling authority. They sneaked in. Had the King of England known that my 8th gr-grandfather was coming here, he would have hung him for sure. This is one reason that I have never been fond of the ruling authority (the Government) deciding who can enter the country, and who cant. 

We have a court system in this country. This court system applies to all people, regardless of nationality. If one person commits burglary, rape, murder, extortion, theft, etc…..then they should be prosecuted and thrown in the hoosegow, regardless of nationality. 

If we can get a handle on the welfare system, and get a handle on our system of jurisprudence, then there would be no reason at all to inhibit immigration. Protection of jobs is not sufficient warrant. In fact, I would argue that this protectionism in the labor force, contributes to jobs going overseas. If we want to be competitive in world markets, then we need to be competitive in the labor market (as well as the natural resources market) 

Bottom line,….stop all forms of welfare,…..make immigration easier, to where only the hard working immigrants looking to better their condition are coming…..and become competitive again in foreign markets.



Bedwell is a Libertarian Party candidate and is runny against the incumbent Allen Nunnelee. Allen’s Voting Record indicates he votes are inconsistent and a Libertarian serve the Liberties of the American people much better.


MS Senator Chris McDaniel Calls Sour Immigration “Crony Capitalism”! Pledges to oppose it.


Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel is now the first to sign the F.A.I.R. (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Pledge.

F.A.I.R. is for “True” immigration reform. This includes: 

No Amnesty, Secure Boarders, End Visa Overstays, Stopping The Hiring Of Non Legal Workers, Enforcement Of Current Laws, Implement A Merritt Based Immigration Selection Process,  End Family Chain Migration, Limit Overall Immigration Numbers, and Support The American Worker.

Brietbart.com quoted McDaniel saying:


“What we’ve seen over the past several years is a combination of wage stagnation, growth in welfare programs and even shrinking workforce participation. That comes in large part because of out of control illegal immigration but also because of increased numbers of legal immigration,” McDaniel said. “We have millions of Americans who don’t have a job, plus we have millions who are on public benefits,” he said. “How about we find a way to put those people back to work?”


“It is a form of crony capitalism, and Haley Barbour is dead wrong about this—and by extension Sen. Cochran is dead wrong about this,” McDaniel said. “That’s why you see a number of those individuals [both leftwing and rightwing special interests] who normally don’t share much in common reaching across the aisle and compromising on this issue. But this issue is not subject to compromise. This is one of those issues where we must draw a line in the sand and be strong and courageous,” he added.



Constitutional Clayton – Peace

The Bundy Ranch is being sold to a Harry Reid’s Son / Chinese owned company. Cronyism Exposed!!!


It is now being reported that all that force to get the Bundys off of their Ranch and remove / kill their cows is in a effort to secure the land for a private / Chinese owned company ENN Energy.  ENN has plans for Solar Farms in the area, which is a way to tax the sun.


We have seen an insane amount of government force resembling Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union building up at the Bundy ranch.
How can you justify federalizing land, then kicking people off via violence, then selling it for cheap to the Chinese Cronies?

According to Brietbart,
ENN scored big when Clark County commissioners unanimously voted to sell the Chinese company the public land for just $4.5 million, despite the fact that it was appraised at $38.6 million.   

Pictures of the insane amount of force being used for foreign interests AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

Image  Image  Image

Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Image  Image

For more history on how this situation is playing out, please read my previous article about it.  The Bundy Ranch is under siege by federal goons. 

You can also check out Fabian Calvo’s video on the subject here:


Currently there is militia help on the way and some there already.  The County Commissioner THAT VOTED to sell the land said “Bundy Supporters Had Better Have Funeral Plans”   I wonder what he gets in return for selling out America literally.


This is exposing our criminal crony government for what it is.  They are getting desperate.  Let’s hope violence does not ensue and the Criminal Government stands down.



The Bundy Ranch is under siege by Federal goons.



Everyone in the US should be paying attention to the Ranch in Nevada.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was ordered to remove his cattle from his land that was seized federally.  He still has grazing, housing, water, and land rights because his family acquired the land in the late 1800’s.  There is local and local sovereign law plus State law that prevents this from happening, but the Feds are ignoring it and making a HUGE play for his cattle.

Here is Cliven breaking down most of the legality behind what they are doing and his claim to the land.

They came to round up the cattle (about 300 of them) and would up killing several because they didn’t move the way they wanted to.
In order to cover it up they tried to move in backhoes to bury them and equipment to destroy their infrastructure (water pipes and wells) and clean up what they had done… This is what Stalin did in Poland and Ukrainians.  They were mistaken. They were met by 200 people on route to the farm and denied them access, but not without a show of force.

Listen to this protester break it down on the Adam VS the Man Show.

Wake up America. Look what our ancestors fought for and we need to stand up for that. We need to realize what’s happening. They are taking everything away from us. This isn’t only about one family. This is about everyone’s family.

–Bailey Bundy Logue

This is being heavily protested and has gained a lot of attention specifically for the Federal Government setting up 1st amendment zones.



Of course no one is abiding by this this rule but there is the spirit of Patriotism in these folks that needs to be recognized.

The Governor of Nevada has come out against the mistreatment of protesters at the Ranch saying:

“Most disturbing to me is the BLM’s establishment of a ‘First Amendment Area’ that tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution,” said Sandoval in a statement. “To that end, I have advised the BLM that such conduct is offensive to me and countless others and that the ‘First Amendment Area’ should be dismantled immediately.”

“No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans. The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly,” asserted the Governor.

A US Senator has now spoken against the action.  Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada said he told new U.S. Bureau of Land Management chief Neil Kornze in Washington, D.C., that law-abiding Nevadans shouldn’t be penalized by an “overreaching” agency.

As of right now there are about 300 cows pinned up without any food or water or any other kind of treatment or care.
Cliven said he would like to get enough people out that they can peacefully let the cows out of the pin to get water and food.

Cliven has also called on the local Sheriff to arrest the Feds, although he has not had much luck.  He stated when he tried to find him he was “hiding under a table”.


“He is the man that has constitutional jurisdiction and authority, he has policing power here in Clark County Nevada, and he has arresting power, so we elected him and we pay him, what do we pay him to do?” asked Bundy, adding, “Don’t we pay him to protect our life, liberty and property?”

Bundy noted that his life was under threat because he couldn’t get a response from a 911 call, adding, “My liberty is threatened when they lock me away from my land and my property and I can’t care for my cows….they stole my property, around 300 head of cattle….they stole them in Clark County Nevada.”

Watch this video for more on that:

This story is still developing and if we can stop this land grab we may be able to reverse the effects of Agenda 21’s iminent domain and Federal Land grabs all over the Nation.  We can do this!

Constitutional Clayton – Peace


You may want income equality BUT……


The NSA spent 10 Billion dollars last year to spy on you, but people want income equality.

In 2009, the government spent 92 Billion on Corporate Welfare, but people want income equality.

They average over 70 Billion a year for DHS, but people want income equality.

Washington spend $25 Billion a year maintaining vacant Federal lots, but people want income equality.

Washington spent $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job, but people want income equality.

We spend 23 Billion every year propping up other nations insiders with foreign aid, but people want income equality.

Health care fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers more than $60 Billion annually. We decided to expand that with the Affordable Care Act, but people want income equality.

It is hysterical that people want companies and mom and pop stores to suffer and potentially close so they can have a little more money. Why not punish those who are taking your money?


Stop empowering the politicians and fight to take the money back they are wasting.