Danny Bedwell (Congressional Liberty Candidate) quote on the F.A.I.R. Pledge


After MS Senator and US Senate Candidate became the first to sign the F.A.I.R. Pledge, I wanted to get a more well rounded view on the issue from more than one perspective.

Here is what Congressional Candidate Danny Bedwell had to say about the F.A.I.R. Pledge and his opinion on immigration.




I will not sign the F.A.I.R pledge as it wont really accomplish anything, and it’s really just a political ploy to energize the base (the Republican base). It’s red meat for them, but will not amount to any significant changes in policy. 

Immigration should be as painless and as efficient as possible. People should be able to cross the border and become an American as quick as possible. I think if someone wants to come here and try to better their condition, we should not get in their way. 

One of the things were going to have to do, is stop the welfare from the State. If we do this, the immigrants that are just coming here to get on the dole, will stop coming here. Get rid of all of the Government perks for “being a citizen”, and then loosen out immigration laws. Once we stop the welfare (for everyone), the only immigrants coming here, will be the ones looking to make a better life for themselves and their families. I have no problem with immigrants coming here looking to better their condition, but I have serious problems with immigrants (and Americans)coming here to get on the public dole. 

As far as coming here “legally”……my ancestors came to this land in 1659. They came here against the wishes of the ruling authority. They sneaked in. Had the King of England known that my 8th gr-grandfather was coming here, he would have hung him for sure. This is one reason that I have never been fond of the ruling authority (the Government) deciding who can enter the country, and who cant. 

We have a court system in this country. This court system applies to all people, regardless of nationality. If one person commits burglary, rape, murder, extortion, theft, etc…..then they should be prosecuted and thrown in the hoosegow, regardless of nationality. 

If we can get a handle on the welfare system, and get a handle on our system of jurisprudence, then there would be no reason at all to inhibit immigration. Protection of jobs is not sufficient warrant. In fact, I would argue that this protectionism in the labor force, contributes to jobs going overseas. If we want to be competitive in world markets, then we need to be competitive in the labor market (as well as the natural resources market) 

Bottom line,….stop all forms of welfare,…..make immigration easier, to where only the hard working immigrants looking to better their condition are coming…..and become competitive again in foreign markets.



Bedwell is a Libertarian Party candidate and is runny against the incumbent Allen Nunnelee. Allen’s Voting Record indicates he votes are inconsistent and a Libertarian serve the Liberties of the American people much better.


MS Senator Chris McDaniel Calls Sour Immigration “Crony Capitalism”! Pledges to oppose it.


Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel is now the first to sign the F.A.I.R. (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Pledge.

F.A.I.R. is for “True” immigration reform. This includes: 

No Amnesty, Secure Boarders, End Visa Overstays, Stopping The Hiring Of Non Legal Workers, Enforcement Of Current Laws, Implement A Merritt Based Immigration Selection Process,  End Family Chain Migration, Limit Overall Immigration Numbers, and Support The American Worker.

Brietbart.com quoted McDaniel saying:


“What we’ve seen over the past several years is a combination of wage stagnation, growth in welfare programs and even shrinking workforce participation. That comes in large part because of out of control illegal immigration but also because of increased numbers of legal immigration,” McDaniel said. “We have millions of Americans who don’t have a job, plus we have millions who are on public benefits,” he said. “How about we find a way to put those people back to work?”


“It is a form of crony capitalism, and Haley Barbour is dead wrong about this—and by extension Sen. Cochran is dead wrong about this,” McDaniel said. “That’s why you see a number of those individuals [both leftwing and rightwing special interests] who normally don’t share much in common reaching across the aisle and compromising on this issue. But this issue is not subject to compromise. This is one of those issues where we must draw a line in the sand and be strong and courageous,” he added.



Constitutional Clayton – Peace

Thad Cochran Has More Than Your Typical Problems


When it comes to Republicans with a bad voting record, you can’t get any worse than Thad Cochran.
Thad should represent the “Controlled Opposition” Wing of the Republicans more than John McCain or Lindsey Graham.
Just take a loot at this piece put together by Freedom Works called A voters Guide to Thad Cochran.


Thad’s campaign is not able to defend the incumbents voting record, which eludes to the reason he cannot enter into a debate with Chris McDaniel.

Furthermore, Chris has energy from both young and young at heart classes of people.  You will not see this type of enthusiasm from Thad or his supporters.

They only reason this election is considered close now is because there is a lot of Establishment support for Thad including the NRA, MS Gov Phil Bryant, and expert lobbyist Haley Barbour.

The enthusiasm is overwhelmingly favoring Chris McDaniel.

Constitutional Clayton – Peace



Potential US Sen Chris McDaniel wants to withdraw the US from the United Nations!!!


Potential US Sen Chris McDaniel wants to withdraw the US from the United Nations!!!

Every Patriot needs to share the word!


It was a Town Hall meeting style gathering where Chris came to speak.
The size of the crowds he is getting keeps growing and growing as he gains more popularity.


This meeting was focused on the Affordable Health Care Act and real solution we can implement.

This article is actually about his comments on the UN and the CFR.

He is known in the MS Senate for stopping the UN’s Agenda 21 Eminent Domain push, which was a major victory for the agricultural state of MS.

I was going to ask the question about the CFR myself, but there were too many people there to get my question in.  Better yet, someone asked the same question and added the UN into the question.

The was asked “How do you feel about the UN or Council of Foreign Relations?”
He looks right at the camera and says:

“Who asked that?  Is somebody in here watching me?”

Watch the video too see the full response.



“I don’t like either one of them.  We already provide a misproportionate share of the UN’s budget…It seems to me that the UN has been used primarily to circumvent a superb American interest… I am not a fan of the UN, never have been a fan of the UN.  It is probably best we find an exit strategy to the UN. 


“Its funny,  an agency like that makes North Korea and Iran part of human rights council, you have to suspect their intentions…Thad Cochran has voted to increase our share of the UN budget.  I won’t vote to increase our share, I will vote to cut it.  I promise that.”


Listening to this was like watching a YouTube video of a performance on the voice…..Awesome, in the sense it could send chills down the spine of a Patriot of eagerness to help him in that journey.  We need to make sure our candidates DO NOT have ties to either one of these agencies, as both seek to dominate US Geo Political Politics.

It is getting close to election time and Chris is not done with his speeches (like a real statesman). It’s time to rally behind him and spread the word.


Constitutional Clayton – Peace








From Chris McDaniel on the Fed


“The Federal Reserve is a chief culprit behind the economic crisis. Its unchecked power to create endless amounts of money out of thin air brought us the boom and bust cycle and causes one financial bubble after another. Since the Fed’s creation in 1913 the dollar has lost more than 96% of its value, and by recklessly inflating the money supply the Fed continues to distort interest rates and intentionally erodes the value of the dollar”




The 2014 Elections are more important than 2016



Imagine Ron Paul had won the presidency…. Do you realize that congress would be treating him the same way as they do Obama?
Ron would have a hard time getting anything done.

Imagine the the congress is controlled by the (R) club. 
The House and the Senate are a majority Republican which by the way happen to be led by Tea Party….. 

If the Tea Party has that much influence Obama couldn’t stop them.

So before you get too excited about the 2016 election remember that this year is FAR more important.

I met MS Senator Chris McDaniel


Chris McDaniel held a meeting close to my home and I decided to go and meet with him.

I went to the meeting in a BBQ shack (I stepped in horse poo on the way in) with some really good food.

After meeting the people around me Chris came in and started to talk.
Most of us there had never met Chris before, so he went into a full on Constitution loving, stone cold patriotic, with no filter and gave an honest speech that animated everyone in room.

He took the time to answer questions from as many people as he could. You could tell the feeling in the air was that everyone is scared of what this government is doing and we are ready to fight back.

He described his foreign policy as mostly non-interventionist.
Someone asked him about if he was scared about the boats from Iran recently, he responded (paraphrased) I don’t particularly like Iran. With sarcasm he says, “Do you think I am scared of the Iran Navy?”

His poise and grammar level were of high intellect and he spoke like an open book.

The guy across from me stated that if we cannot win this election and we get more and more oppressed we would have do to what our founders did and have a Revolution. (Gotta love people who aren’t scared to say that)

I capitalized on his comment to state that our founders gave us a country where we can have a non violent revolution for the first time in history. Then I prefaced my question with thanking him for standing up against Imminent Domain here in MS.

I asked: Is there any group that on the federal level that is fighting Imminent Domain or Agenda 21 and he said that no one currently is.

After a few more concerned questions and patriotic hoorahs his manager came to his rescue so he can finally get some rest. We ended with a group prayer and event was complete.

He was still kind enough to stay and take pictures with everyone.

We can do this and we need his type of leadership.Image



Constitutional Clayton