A letter and a reason for hope for those oppose to the Constitution as a form of Liberty.


Government can provide power to everyone to be free.

Anarchy is the absence of government and that makes Liberty and Justice subjective to your ability to fund and provide it. The Constitution is flawed and I have a couple of arguments against it, but it showed for a very short amount of time in history what we can achieve towards freedom.

The Anarchist always comes from the position that it is being done to them. The Anarchist is free to move or buy land where there is no government and start an Anarchist society. That seems more reasonable then acting like there is a gun to your head to stay where people want Liberty and Justice for all.

Our founders learned from the fruits of the past governments and were able to scrutinize the Manga Carta to come up with what was finally our Constitution, which provided the most amount of freedom the world has ever seen. We lost our freedom when we stopped using it to restrain government.

It has always been the human condition to be ignorant of facts and history until they are presented to us and can be analyzed.
These days you can see they want to prevent that at all costs.
They use have used that against used to the average Joe cannot tell you anything beyond We The People in the Constitution.

The Constitution is becoming more popular than ever and IT IS the Supreme ruling document in the country and can trump all other laws if we allow it. The Supreme Court may have contributed to the corruption of those rights protected by the Constitution, but that does not mean they can stop the VERY powerful tool of democracy. We can vote to restore the separation of the 3 branches and we can vote to put restrictions on democracy and we can repeal all unconstitutional laws. Once we start, it is the justification and precedent for an incredible amount of government repeal in a “Snow Ball” type effect.

We just have to make it happen. We now have control of the flow of information which is very rare throughout history. We have the blueprint and the moral high ground. Just as our founders improved it enough to allow the maximum amount of freedom the world has seen by a large establishment of people, but it was a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. If people can improve the Magna Carta and give us a glimpse into what is possible then we can improve upon that and it will catch on world wide.

There is plenty of hope.

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” – Martin Luther King

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Constitutional Clayton – Peace




One thought on “A letter and a reason for hope for those oppose to the Constitution as a form of Liberty.

  1. Sunny

    An anarchist is not necessarily a capitalist. An anarchist is likely to believe that property should be public or community-owned. There are many types of Anarchism and I would encourage you to analyze them.
    I would also like to remind you that the Constitution was written without The Bill of Rights, which were later added as amendments. This fact cannot be overlooked. The Bill of Rights was not a series of after thoughts.
    The “founding fathers” who wrote this Constitution were invested financially in having a revolution resulting in the independence of the U.S. They were not invested personally. This is to say that they were not lacking in any rights.
    If the Constitution was sincerely intended to radically shift power dynamics and grant settlers rights, perhaps Native Americans, womyn, Blacks, and people who did not own land would have been included in the language of the Constitution.

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