Global Warming must pass now or the world will boil over


World Running Out Of Time To Stop Global Warming, UN Report Says

You are breathing too much air!!!  You are polluting the earth by your very existence and you need to live with less (Obama’s words) and you need to pay more taxes on top of that.  Also, we are gonna use dictatorial powers invested in the EPA to shut down all of GE’s competition (coal plants) and you just need to be ready to be poor.  We better hurry, the planet will “Boil Over” if we don’t raise your taxes.

This is nothing new as we have known that the Elite use prior knowledge of the Earths cycles to predict weather and use that “accurate prediction” to lend credibility to themselves and demand that action be taken that lines their pockets, or give themselves political control.
In Ancient times, when a person correctly predicted a weather cycle or astrological event, they would order human sacrifice and have monuments built for them.  This is not a new trick.



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