Chris McDaniel – The next Rand Paul?


Chris McDaniel is a Tea Party Conservative much like Rand, Ted, and Mr. Lee.

McDaniel’s proudest moment back home came when he tried to override a veto from Republican governor Haley Barbour — one of the GOP establishment’s eminent figures — to rein in the state’s aggressive use of eminent domain for redevelopment purposes.

“Private property is one of the cornerstones of our Constitution. And if the government can take it arbitrarily for almost any purpose, then we are not truly a free people,” McDaniel tells me over breakfast in Washington, D.C.
Now he’s taking on Republican senator Thad Cochran, an old-school appropriator who has been serving in Congress for 41 years.

“In my soul I believe I’m first and foremost a Jeffersonian. I admire Taft, of course. I admire Goldwater. Reagan, obviously. I’m very interested in Austrian economics, whether it be Hayek or even earlier philosophers like Bastiat — philosophers that value freedom as opposed to statism,” he says.

Before the media was talking about him, I made a video on him and his voting record.
You can watch that here:




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