While Mississippians were distracted by the Religious Freedom Bill, Gov Bryant attempts to circumvent their freedoms.


The Religious Freedom Bill is not the only thing on the agenda from Phil Bryant.  He called an emergency legislative session on Wednesday to talk about another issue, while the media is focused on the current bill he signed into law.

Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi is in the news for signing a new Religious Freedom Bill that says state and local governments cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices, a measure that sparked debate about possible discrimination against all kinds of people.

What it is actually for is to protect Christians from mandating they buy a certain type of contraceptive that kills the fetus inside the woman.  Opponents say that it could cause discrimination and economic damage because it resembles the one vetoed in Arizona recently, but supporters say that it does not resemble that bill at all.

This is a huge story, but to make this even more distracting is that Gov Bryant made a requested to include in that legislation to add “In God We Trust” to the State emblem.


So what was he doing while you are distracted with this bill?

In his special session he called, he stated wants to add more government to the 2015 Executive Budget Recommendation.  He wants to do this by adding more assistant district attorneys after he talked with the Mississippi Prosecutors Association.  No mention of adding more public defenders.


“Public prosecutors in Mississippi are understaffed, which causes backlogs and inefficiencies in the judicial process. These same prosecutors will be responsible for implementing many of the criminal justice reforms we have signed into law. We must provide additional assistant prosecutors,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “With this special session, lawmakers have the time to provide more prosecutors for the state and strengthen prosecution of felons and drug traffickers. Because the special session is concurrent with the regular session, no additional travel is required by lawmakers; I urge them to waive additional per diem reimbursements and save taxpayer dollars while they get this work done.”


The USA leads the world in incarceration rates according to several sources including Statista.  Mississippi is consistently in the top 3 top States in incarceration rate and we are currently #2 in incarceration rates, right behind Louisiana.

Does Gov Phil Bryant want to catch up to LA and become # in throwing people in cages for profit?
How can he claim to be Tea Party while doing this and endorsing Thad Cochran instead of Chris McDaniel for Senate?

Incarceration and prison labor has become a new form of slavery and we must fight against putting so many behind bars for victim-less crimes.

Although no proposals could be agreed upon before the session ended, you can bet he will continue to push the issue without much publicity.

We have to stop giving this guy slack.




One thought on “While Mississippians were distracted by the Religious Freedom Bill, Gov Bryant attempts to circumvent their freedoms.

  1. Donald Brewer

    He can be replaced also.. and I am a die hard REPUBLICAN!! Government is to big, there are way too many laws, and we can’t continue to build bigger prisons! Stop it already prosecuting victimless crimes. Mississippi is the worst, I was arrested last week for “obstruction of traffic” at 2 am in the morning and made to post a $1,000 bond for my freedom all because I refused to waive my 4th Amendment right to allow a search of my vehicle.

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