Rand Paul almost alone in his vote against Russia Sanctions / Ukraine Loan Guarantees


Rand Paul is a political genius.  Although he was for economic Sanctions on Russia, Rand Paul had a much different view on how to help the Ukrainians.  What was proposed and passed is not what Rand would support, which is infested with banker benefits.



What is unfolding in the Ukraine is very disturbing.

The US House and Senate just passed legislation that will send over 100 million dollars to the Ukraine to promote democracy and put economic Sanctions on any Russian official that tries to interfere with there sovereignty.  The problem is the West is securing their right to reform the country.

The Ukraine has been in economic turmoil, but now they are headed toward a WESTERN BANKER NIGHTMARE.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has agreed to give them 18 Billion dollars in a “Bail In” bailout style of “rescue package”…..but it has strings attached.  These strings will not be nice either.

“The IMF package should be sufficient to prevent the country falling into a full-blown balance of payments crisis, in which the hrvynia would drop sharply and output would collapse,” said William Jackson, emerging market economist at Capital Economics.

The want energy reforms, which will privatize the publicly owned resources so that the insiders will have new energy ventures at the expense of the Ukrainians.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk talked about the reform program and said it would include spending cuts that will cost 24,000 government jobs, higher rates of income tax, privatization and constitutional reform.  This means they want to reform the country, but Russia will become sanctioned if they try to have any influential competition with the West.

The European Union has offered “Ukraine financial assistance” worth $15 billion over the next two years, in the form of loans, grants, investments and trade concessions. The U.S. has promised $1 billion in loan guarantees, and the World Bank is talking about backing infrastructure and social security projects worth $3 billion….. Austerity and one sided politics are on the way.


Constitutional Clayton – Peace


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