People in the Liberty movement are attacking the Constitution as a way of self destruction.

ImageOur liberties are defined by a piece of paper. That is how we get on the same level, or I could just start taking what ever I thought was liberty. So Liberty would be subjective without a Constitution.

Liberty without a definition means the liberty you have is the liberty you are able to maintain…… History has a grim picture fro people who did not come together under freedom.

True, the Magna Carta was just a piece of paper and it took over 200 years before people understood it and used it. 
When it became popular it helped freedom into mankind because governments were formed around a court system and private property thanks to the Magna Carta and a lot of governments around the world contribute their constitution to the Magna Carta, but no Constitution was as brazen and empowering as ours…. 

True, just as the Magna Carta was just a piece of paper, so is the Constitution. IT IS A TOOL AND IF YOU THINK A PIECE OF PAPER CAN SAVE IT CAN’T. A gun cannot save you either, but it is a tool that can save you. Likewise, if you use the Constitution, it will work just like the Magna Carta finally did.

The Constitution has never in history been more popular.

Constitutional Clayton 



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